The following document is the Returns Policy of Alphatech Custom PC (ABN: 59301970039). It is to be used together with our Customer Payment Policy, Terms of Use of our Website and Privacy Policy and there are clauses that will relate back to one or more of these documents. The term ‘Alphatech Custom PC’ or ‘us’ or ‘our’ or ‘we’ or ‘Salesperson’ or ‘Sales Representative’ or ‘Support team’ refers to Alphatech Custom PC, whose registered office is in Western Australia, therefore local laws apply. The term ‘you’ or ‘your’ refers to the ‘client / customer’.

All of our goods and services come with guarantees based on Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a refund or replacement when any goods you purchase are deemed to not comply with Australian Consumer Law, this includes;
• Are of acceptable quality when sold
• Reasonably fit for specified purpose
• Accurate description of goods*
• Reasonable steps to provide spare parts, repair facilities for a reasonable time after purchase.
*We aim to provide as much information as we can on all our products, however we understand that mistakes sometimes happen. We ask that as the consumer you contact us immediately to solve the problem.

When returning a product that does not comply with the Australian Consumer Law, the following steps need to be taken in order for us to process your Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA, or RA; Return Authorisation). Please see Section 7.0 in our Customer Payment Policy for details.


1.0  Defective/Faulty Products (Hardware only)

If you notice anything wrong with your product and suspect that it is faulty/requires repair, contact us immediately. Alphatech advises our clients to never touch components that appear to be faulty, as static electricity from your body can damage them, and any tampering can void warranties. Contact our Support team at with the following information:
• Full Name
• Invoice No.
• Serial No./s (if applicable)
• Proof of Purchase (Tax Invoice and Receipt/s)
• Manufacturer warranty cards* (if applicable, for proof of purchase)
*Generally for custom PC orders only. Located in your Motherboard box.

Please also answer the following questions the best you can for us to help you with your problem more efficiently.
• What are you returning?
• What issues have you experienced?
• Was the packaging damaged?**
• Has the package been opened and/or used?
• Would you prefer a refund or a replacement?


1.1  Damage in Transit

If you find your product has been damaged in transit you must contact us immediately, refuse acceptance of delivery and direct the courier to return the goods to the sender (us). However, if you do accept the delivery and find it has been damaged during transit, you need to take photos of the damaged box (unopened) and send these to us immediately. You have two (2) days from confirmed delivery acceptance to do this. Upon our inspection, if it is in fact defective due to transit damages, we will replace the product. However if we find it has been tampered with and not the result of transit damages, you will be charged a processing fee of $100. Please also note that any issues during delivery are reported immediately to us by Alphatech Custom PC employees and couriers.


1.2  On-site Local Returns (PERTH METRO CUSTOMERS ONLY)

On-site local returns are only available to Perth Metropolitan area clients (within 30km of the Perth CBD). We will come out to your location to diagnose any issues. If we identify any defective parts, and are unable to repair the product on-site (which will be the case in most circumstances), we will collect the product and take it back with us to repair/replace, and then return it back to you free of charge (as long as your product is still under the 1 year labour warranty). Unfortunately, if you are no longer covered by the 1 year labour warranty, you will need to cover the $10 return delivery fee.

If we come out to you and determine that the product is not defective, or if there is a problem as a result of you tampering with the product, we must charge a $20 call-out fee. If you have tampered with the product and caused a problem and you still wish for us to repair the issue, you will be charged a service fee that depends on how complex the problem is (we will advise you of a quote for this service fee before we proceed with any repairs).

Please note that repairs usually take anywhere from the same day to 10 working days depending on the complexity of the issue. However, in some cases, repairs can take up to 4-6 weeks if we need to send any products back to the manufacturer (this includes up to 2 weeks to ship to the manufacturer, up to 1 week for repairs, and up to 2 weeks to ship back to us, a process which is unfortunately out of our control). You will be advised of the estimated timeline of repair before we proceed with anything.


1.3  Return to Base Returns (REGIONAL/NATIONAL CUSTOMER)

If you are a regional/national customer, we recommend you purchase a National Warranty Services (NWS) warranty with your custom PC (see Section 4.0, National Warranty Services below for more information). If you have a defective product and wish to return/repair it, please contact Alphatech as soon as possible and we will arrange on-site repair with NWS at your location.

Regional/national customers who do not purchase a National Warranty Services warranty will have to ship the defective part back to Alphatech in Perth for us to test and diagnose the problem. However, you will need to cover the shipping costs to us (this will depend on the weight and size of the item). If our tests show that your product is defective, we will send out a replacement or a repaired product, and Alphatech will cover the returning costs if it is within the 1 year labour warranty. Unfortunately, if you are no longer covered by the 1 year labour warranty, you will need to cover the returning costs.

If our tests show that your product is not defective, or if there is a problem as a result of you tampering with the product, you will have to pay for the returning costs, as well as a $20 service charge. Further charges may apply if you have tampered with the product and caused a problem, and you still wish for us to repair the issue. This charge will depend on how complex the problem is (we will advise you of a quote for this service fee before we proceed with any repairs).


2.0  Change of Mind

Returns are primarily for defective products, and we cannot guarantee full refunds for change of mind on orders.

Depending on the circumstances we sometimes do allow credit or replacements for change of mind – however, if this is the case there will be a 15% restocking fee as well as a 1% service charge added on to your final invoice.

As stated in Section 1.0 in our Customer Payment Policy, if you have confirmed your order and later decide to change the order after it has entered our Build Queue this will result in a 1% service charge (1% of your total invoice) and you may also be charged a 15% restocking fee on that particular component/s changed on top of the change of price. It is not guaranteed that we will allow this change of mind exchange to occur. In certain circumstances where there are stock errors, depletions and/or change of recommendation from an Alphatech Custom PC employee, this service charge and restocking fee will not apply.


3.0  Software and Consumables

Unfortunately as each software license is unique, software products cannot be returned if the package has been opened and/or the unique license code has been used. We will help you get support from the licensor of the software, however as this is out of our control we cannot guarantee results.

If the package is not opened, the seal is not broken and the unique license code hasn’t been used, then returning your software will fall under Change of Mind – see Section 2.0, Change of Mind (above).

If the package is damaged through transit, please see Section 1.1, Damage in Transit (above).

We will not accept any returns for consumables under any circumstances unless they are faulty.

4.0  National Warranty Services

National Warranty Services (NWS) warranty is highly recommended for our regional/national customers, where on-site local returns/repair services by Alphatech are unavailable. NWS warranties offer local on-site high priority, same day response and instant parts replacement (where parts are available). They operate Australia-wide, so if you are not located in Perth this service is a convenient and cost effective alternative to on-site part replacement.

If you have purchased NWS on-site warranty, this is instantly registered and you will be provided with a Certificate with your tax invoice. You must keep this safe – we recommend leaving it in your motherboard box upon delivery if it is a custom PC order.

Keep in mind that this service has a 7 day no fault period from the start date. However, this will be protected by Alphatech’s warranty as we ensure all of our custom PCs are tested to our high standards before being dispatched. Also, please note that this warranty does not cover software problems – only hardware. If you choose to upgrade any of your components with us in the future, it will not void any warranties – however, the warranty will not include the additional items installed.