What is a custom PC?

A custom PC is a desktop computer that has been built from scratch out of individual components. Before we proceed with a build, we first review the computing needs of our customers (whether they need to run specific programs or games, need a faster hard drive, require more storage space, etc).

We then build a desktop using components that would best suit the customer’s computing needs. We also take the customer’s budget into consideration – if you are tight on money, we will provide you with a range of build options within your budget that can best perform the tasks you require.
Though building a custom PC may sound much more expensive, you will be very surprised to see that this usually ends up being cheaper than getting a stock computer from a retail store. We do not put in components that you would not use, and it will be built to your specific needs – definitely better value for your money.

I don't know anything about computers – how can I order a custom PC if I don't know what components I need?

This is the best part of Alphatech Custom PC – all you need to do is tell us what you need the computer for (and your budget), and we will work out all the rest! If you require a computer for programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite or AutoCad, we will get you the components that would provide the best performance for these programs. If you want a computer with high-quality graphics for gaming, we will get you the best graphics card and components needed to run your games on high resolution. If you need a computer with high-speed program start up and higher storage volumes, we will get you the necessary hard drives and components for this. All you have to do is tell us what you want to do with your computer and your budget. You think it – we build it!

What does it mean by Backorder Available?

Here at Alphatech we primarily order stock on demand. We can source parts from a wide network of local, regional and international suppliers, therefore, when a product has:

  • “1 in stock” – or whatever number stated means we have that number readily available or in our stocks. However when it runs out we may not be able to get more.
  • “1 in stock (can be backordered) – or whatever number stated means we have that number readily available or in our stocks. It also means if you just miss out on this, we can still order it in although there may be an extended backorder delivery time.
  • “Available for backorder” – this means that if you put through an order we will confirm our stocks and get back to you as soon as we can.
  • “Order to confirm stock” and “Order Now” instead of Add to cart means that there are a very limited number of these items and you need to place an order and we will get back to you if we have any left, or how long it will take to get here. This can also mean that the item is a pre-order item where payment is required upfront and you will be given a date it will be available.
  • “Out of Stock” – means that we need to wait for more stock. You can email us for an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).
  • Nothing stated – This usually means that we are able to get or have a large amount of stock. This means it shouldn’t run out anytime soon.
Do you have an Alphatech store?

We do not currently have a storeroom, as we are a mobile service and operate as an online business for now. We service the Perth Metropolitan area, which includes any area within 30km of the Perth CBD. We deliver your desktop and components and install them on-site for you (providing you live within 30km of the Perth CBD), or if you are happy to do it yourself or order computer components, peripherals or a laptop we can simply send out a courier to deliver it. Since we don’t work with a storeroom, warehouse or retail store, we run on minimal overhead costs, therefore we can pass the savings on to our customers.

Once I've made an order, how long will it take to receive my desktop/laptop/components?

The completion of an order really depends on exactly what you are after. If you are simply after a component/s or a pre-built laptop, it can take 1-3 working days depending on supply and workload at the time.

For custom PCs (once we have finalised your final quote, and you have made the 50% deposit payment, or full payment if your order is over $2,500), we usually allow up to 5 days for the order to be completed and delivered to you. Again, this will depend on supply and workload. Custom PC orders generally take between 2-3 working days to complete assembly; however, we allow up to 5 days for completion so that we can run tests on the computer to make sure everything is working correctly and is in perfect working condition before delivery to the customer.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

Alphatech currently accepts four forms of payment: Cash, Direct Deposit, Paypal and Credit Card.

Direct Deposit is the most preferred as it will be the easiest and safest form of payment and doesn’t have any extra fees. Our account details can be seen on your quote or will be emailed to you after confirmation. You can simply use your online banking account to make the transfer, or go into a Westpac branch and make the deposit into our account there, using your quote number (found on the top right corner of your quote) as the reference number, If it is difficult to meet in person for cash payment, then the customer will need to provide us with an electronic signature to commence the assembly process. Once we have received this payment, the Salesperson that is in charge of your order will provide you with the BSB and Account Number for payment of the 50% deposit.

We allow up to three business days for Direct Deposit payments to be processed – once we have received the payment, then the assembly process of your order will begin. Depositing straight into a Westpac Branch will be instantly processed. If your order is urgent but you can’t go to a branch you can email us a copy of your receipt of payment if you are doing an online bank transfer.

Only certain items have the PayPal/credit card payment available.

Only items under $200 and where the delivery option is an Alphatech Personal Delivery allow cash payments.

Do you offer shipping for your products?

Since we are a mobile service, we deliver all orders directly to the customer (providing that you are located within 30km of the Perth CBD). However, we do also offer component and desktop delivery to regional WA and areas outside our service area. We use the Australia Post service to help us get orders out to our regional and national customers and clients. Contact us with your delivery address and we can provide you with a quote on the shipping.

What are your delivery costs?

Alphatech offers a standard delivery rate of $9.99 per order*. If your online order exceeds the amount of $1500 (excluding laptops), you will receive FREE delivery. This deal applies to Perth Metropolitan customers only.

For regional WA or interstate orders we will need your postcode and suburb in order to provide you with a quote. We use the Australia Post service to help us get orders out to our regional and national customers and clients. Contact us with your delivery address and we can provide you with a quote on the shipping.

*Providing that you are located within 20km of Perth CBD, only the standard delivery rate of $9.99 per order applies. We do deliver up to 30km from the Perth CBD – however, every km exceeding 20km from Perth CBD will result in an extra $1.50 per km surcharge, on top of the standard delivery rate. Every order is different so your sales representative will let you know your specific cost when you plan to order.

A product I ordered does not work, what do I do?

Our returns policy can be found on our Customer Payment Policy page.

To summarise, if the issue is with a Component, Peripheral, Laptop and/or Accessory, we offer 7-day DOA (Dead on Arrival) service. We will come pick it up from you if you are within 30km of Perth CBD – if you are outside this range or in regional WA, please contact us ASAP so we can make the proper arrangements.

If it was not DOA but it still breaks, please use our Support team and we will notify you through the returns/exchange process, since different products have varying manufacturer warranties.

If you purchased a custom PC from us, they all come with a 1 year labour warranty as well as their manufacturer warranties on top of that. They are also tested and benchmarked for 24 hours before delivery so should be in complete working order with working components upon arrival. However should something happen, do contact us with details of the problem ASAP and we can help you sort it out or offer a replacement for the component/s with the issue if it is tested to be defective.

If your order arrives through courier or Australia Post and that package is damaged you need to take pictures of the box still sealed and then take pictures of the product out of the box showing us the damage so we can take the proper action to refund or replace your product.

I ordered the wrong product, what do I do?

If you ordered the wrong item (Not including a selection build) in our online store please email us ASAP before you get a confirmation email from a sales representative and tell us what you ordered, and what you meant to order and we will be able to change it for you free of charge.

For Custom PCs we offer free quotes with multiple revision rounds so should you change your mind after your final quote has been completed, we will charge a restocking fee. Generally our restocking fee is 10-15% for individual computer components, peripherals and computer accessories depending on the item.

If you ordered a Custom PC which was specifically built for you then you will be required to finish the payment of your invoice as per our commitment contract which you would have agreed to when making the deposit/full payment of your final quote. If you want to downgrade/upgrade a component after it has been built you will be charged a restocking fee of 10-15%.

For more information please see our Returns Policy and Customer Payment Policy

Do you offer watercooling?

For watercooling, we offer three options:

  • Custom Loops Soft Tubing Setup
  • Custom Loops Hard Tubing Setup

For Custom Loops you need pump/s, reservoir/s, radiator/s, fittings and waterblocks for the CPU, GPU, RAM and/or Motherboard. This will be quoted separately from your Custom PC. For a detailed cost of this we will need to know what is currently in your desktop, you will generally need a full tower case, or at least one that can fit in all the components needed for watercooling.

We will charge on an hourly basis for labour instead of a distributed price throughout the component list as with our desktops. A detailed cost of labour will be given you to when ordering and confirming your order. Soft tubing is easier and faster to complete, however hard tubing generally looks better but is more costly and takes longer to complete. For hard tubing you can choose to bend the tubes or have different fittings for corners.

Will you set up my computer upon delivery?

When your order is personally delivered to your home, we will install the desktop on your desk with all the cables plugged into the power outlet, monitor and peripherals.

We will also turn it on and show you that everything is in working order, and make sure you are happy with everything before leaving. This installation comes free of charge with all our custom PC orders; we simply do this to make sure we leave our customers satisfied.

However if you received your order through courier or Australia Post then unfortunately we can’t help you set up your computer onsite, however our technical support team will be able to help you through email or phone no matter how silly the question is on setting up your new desktop or product.

We will generally ask you if you would like us to help you set it up, some of our customers are happy to set it up themselves and for this reason we send our a courier instead of our team. (This applies to areas within 30km of Perth CBD)


What is an OS?

An OS is the operating system of a computer. At Alphatech, the standard OS we provide is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, however we can also provide Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8, and Linux if desired. We do not install Mac OS, the Apple Operating System.

What is a CPU?

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, also known as the processor. It is basically a small chip which is the ‘brain’ of our desktop – it does all the thinking. We sell AMD and Intel processors.

What is a Mobo or Motherboard?

The motherboard is basically the ‘heart’ of the computer; all computer components connect to the motherboard.

What is a GPU?

GPU stands for Graphic Processing Unit, otherwise known as a Graphic Card. New generation CPUs come with integrated graphics, so this component is not necessary anymore unless you use your computer to play games or to run complex and powerful programs. If you are a gamer or run powerful rendering programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite or AutoCad, a GPU is a necessity.

What is a PSU?

PSU stands for Power Supply Unit, otherwise known as a Power Supply. This component is a must have for any PC since it powers everything in the computer.

What is a Tower?

A Tower is simply the case of the desktop – the enclosure that contains most of the desktop components (excluding the monitor, keyboard and mouse).

What is a Optical Drive or ODD?

The optical drive or ODD is the generic name for the CD, DVD and/or Blu-ray drives in the computer. The ODD stands for Optical Disk Drive.

What is the difference between closed loop and custom loops watercooling?

Closed loop watercooling is when it is pre-manufactured watercooling kits. They only need to be attached to the CPU and motherboard and radiator to the case. This is considered an additional custom pc component so it will simply be installed when the other components are being installed. It is generally only for cooling the CPU.

Custom loops watercooling is when the pump/s, reservoir/s, radiator/s, fittings and waterblocks for the CPU, GPU, RAM and/or Motherboard are bought seperately and included in the build. This generally takes more time for labour.

What is a HDD?

A HDD is a Hard Disk Drive, or the Hard Drive. It stores the programs and data files of your computer. This is where the OS is installed if you don’t have a SSD.

What is a SSD?

A SSD is a Solid State Drive, which is a newer, faster type of hard drive that doesn’t have any moving mechanical components like the standard hard drive does. SSDs contain their own CPUs to manage data storage, so they are much faster than regular hard drives; most people use the SSD for storing the OS and any games and programs to provide faster start up.

What is RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is the memory available to programs and is not to be confused with hard drive memory, which refers to storage. RAM usually comes in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, where as HDD and SSD storage comes in 320GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB etc.

What is a MB, GB and TB?
MB = Megabyte
GB = Gigabyte
TB = Terabyte
1 Terabyte = 1000 Gigabytes = 1,000,000 Megabytes.