At Alphatech Custom PC, we believe that when you buy a computer you deserve to have one that caters specifically to you, and not the general population.


Alphatech started in 2014 as an enthusiast business by two Engineering students at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. We now have a core team of 3, and usually have a team of 5 at any one time, expanding up to 7 in busy periods. The main reason why we started Alphatech Custom PC is because we found students either didn’t know or couldn’t find what they were looking for whether it was a workstation or even gaming PC. We found that even if they could find a place with the parts, those places generally weren’t very helpful in terms of advice on what works best with what, as well as what would be best and most cost effective for what they wanted to do. They simply didn’t care and just wanted to make the sale so the next customer in line could purchase their product.

As enthusiasts, we were asked by our peers for advice for their university workstations and gaming rigs. We decided that we should provide a service that not only provides you with the parts but one that actually cares about every PC we make and takes pride in it. We will give you the best advice for what you want to do, and work it within your budget.

Our mission is simple; to provide custom built desktops that are more powerful, efficient (and most importantly) more value for money than standard stock computers. Stock computers from retailers are made to benefit the general consumer as a whole, and individual computing needs are not considered.

This is where Alphatech Custom PC comes in. We will not give you a standard stock model that you can find in any computer store. What sets us apart from the competition is that we evaluate each client’s personal computing needs (and budget) before we proceed with anything. If you need to run particular programs or games, require higher storage or memory volumes, or simply need a computer for general internet use, Alphatech will build you a desktop that best meets these requirements. 

We use this information to source out computer parts that would be most efficient in performing those tasks – as well as keeping within your desired budget. Because of this, you are guaranteed the best value for your money.

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